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Paphiopedilum Organizations:

British Paphiopedilum Society

Culture, Pictures, Informaton

Virginia Paphiopedilum Society

Dedicated to Paphs

Slipper Orchid Alliance

Dedicated to Paphiopedilum, Yearly meetings and seminar.

Paphiopedilum Guild

Society for Paph Lovers

Cymbidium Orchid Society Dedication to the growing and propagation of Paphiopedilums (and Cymbidiums).  
The Paphiopedilum Forum sponsored by the National Capital Orchid Society

Paphiopedilum Information:

The American Orchid Society Homepage

General information from the AOS

Orchid information, links, culture in French

RHS Recognized Paph & Phrag Species

Species recognized for registration by the RHS (courtesy of Vengers Orchids)

Dr. Tanaka's Paph World

Pages of one of the foremost and best Paph connoisseurs in Japan (English)

25 Great Paphs for Every Collection

Recommendations by Bob and Lynn Wellenstein

Paphiopedilum FAQ's Information on growing, selection, culture and more from Antec Orchids.

Descriptions of Paph Species (Ezi-gro Orchids)

Text Listings of Paph Species including descriptions, locations, etc.

Orchid Seed Germination Database

Currently Down for Remodeling!  Information on Orchid Species Culture from Charles and Margaret Baker

Paph information (Italy)

Italian Paph Information

General Information from University of Vermont
Paphs Do's and Don'ts from Austrian Orchid Society
Paphiopedilum Genus Description and Pictures Papua New Guinea Orchid News
Germinating Paphiopedilums - A Laboratory Overview From Tissue Quick Plant Laboratories
Slipper Orchid Forum NEW Link!! Discussion and posts on topics of Slipper Orchids

Paphiopedilum Culture 

Paphiopedilum Culture Sheets

From the AOS

Paphiopedilum Culture Sheets

From Venger's Orchids

Paphiopedilum Culture

From CLAN Tropicals

Paphiopedilum Care Sheet From San Francisco Orchid Society

Orchid Growing in Montana

From Katz-Thompson Orchids

Phil's Orchid Page

Introduction to Paphiopedilum

UK Orchid Guide

References for cultural info and pictures.

Culture Information from Norman's Orchids (
Paph and Other Culture from Chadwick's Orchids, site being updated.
Paphiopedilum Culture from A&P Orchids
Paphiopedilum Culture from San Diego Orchid Society 
Paphiopedilum Culture from Pleasant Valley Orchids
Detailed and specific Paphiopedilum Culture from Phil's Orchid World
Simple Culture from University of Minnesota
Orchid Fact Sheet including Paphs from the New York Botanic Garden
Growing Orchids in the Home (PDF File) This is a 12 page paper written by students at the University of Tennessee.  Its 1.94MB in size so if you are a dial-up user, beware!
Paph Culture Requirements from the Slipper Orchid Alliance
Orchid Subscription service providing specie specific cultural information from Margaret and Charles Baker.
Orchid Fact Sheet from the Smithsonian Institute
General Paphiopedilum Culture from the North Hampshire Orchid Society
Paphs and Others Culture from EFG Orchids
Paphiopedilum Care from Carter and Holmes
Paphiopedilum Culture Article by David Schaffler
Paphiopedilum Culture (PDF File) Culture Sheet from Briggs Hill Orchids
Paphiopedilum Culture (PDF File) Culture Sheet from the AOS in PDF
General Culture from Orchids of the World
Paphiopedilum Culture from Katz Thompson
Paphiopedilum Care Instructions from Aina Hawaiian Tropical Products
Care of Paphiopedilums from G&B Orchid Laboratory
Basic Paph Culture from Argus Orchids
Growing Tips for Paphs from Mr. Unfung
Paphiopedilum Culture from Indoor Sun
Paphiopedilum Care from Chelsea Garden Center

Potting and Potting Media
see also culture above whose links also contain potting and media information

Potting Media

From the Heckeroth's, your page sponsors

Potting and Cultivation from Dr. Tanaka's Website
Potting in Hydroculture Potting using hydroculture media from Interior Water Gardens
Use of Coconut Husk Chips Article by the Wellensteins, we have also moved to exclusively using coconut.
Use of Rockwool Archive from Pine Ridge Orchids
Orchid Media and Repotting  Orchid Safari Archive

Pests and Diseases

Paph Insect Problems

from Michigan State University

Paph Diseases and Bacterial Problems from Michigan State University
Orchid Pests and Diseases from Phillip
Paph Insects Problems from Gardening at the Old House Web
Paph Diseases from Gardening at the Old House Web
Pest and Disease Management from the Orchid Safari Archives
Insecticidal Soaps use and information from Colorado State University
Horticultural Oils use and information from Colorado State University
Facts on Plant Viruses information from Colorado State University
Orchid Pests and Diseases from Shane Burns, Orchids South Africa
Biocontrol in Greenhouses from North Carolina State University
Mites on Cultivated Orchids from South Dakota State University
Virus Susceptibility of Orchids from Idaho State
Keys to Identifying Pests from North Carolina University

General Orchid Societies

Orchid Society of Southern California (OSSC)
San Francisco Orchid Society (Nice Reference Site!)



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